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Companies in the chemical industry

In the following list, we have collected interesting companies, which belong to the chemical industry and separated them by country. Across the globe, North America, Asia Pacific as well as Europe are the most relevant regions with companies in the chemical industry. The strongest countries in this industry sector are for example the United States …

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The potential and challenges of biomass

by Alyn Engelhardt Current challenges of the chemical industry Nowadays, the main targets of the chemical industry are the reduction of energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore the industry is searching for best practice technologies, recycling, and energy recovery options. On this basis, it must be considered whether a bio-based route is more suitable than …

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ChemSquare – Value creation with audits

What is ChemSquare? ChemSquare is an online platform, which connects pharmaceutical companies, suppliers, and auditors with the aim of increasing transparency and security in the pharmaceutical supply chain. “Eliminate quality risks in the supply chain through continuous supplier qualification.” ChemSquare What kind of added value does ChemSquare create for its customers? ChemSquare is an online …

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Why agricultural trade wants drone technology?

With the digital transformation, agriculture operations face alterations and development with the application of drone technology. Agriculture plays a crucial role in ensuring food protection and is standard to any nation’s economic system. Unluckily, agricultural actions are often angled by climate conditions, air and ground quality, and manpower. Much more is concerned, that global warming …

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A business indication for the chemical industry – 2019

The chemical industry is in its nature a very explorative and innovative industry. The status quo must be challenged in every second to search for product, production or process improvements. This either should result in cost reduction or enhance product functionality. Finally, both ways should create higher margins for the company. A new way of …

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digitization creates new opportunities

Digitization creates new opportunities

The topic of digitization is coming more and more into focus for the more traditional industries like the chemical industry. As the chemical industry is working in a business to business relationship, the digitization creates new opportunities for all their customers in the markets. For example, automation, standardization, and harmonization of processes could result in …

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