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specOculus – what is that?

specOculus is a startup company from Germany, located in Magdeburg, with the aim to revolutionize our smartphones. As you know, smartphones follow us everywhere, and we don’t often leave without them – unfortunately, often when we are in a rush. For example, when we want to buy the last ingredients for dinner, but forgot the smartphone with the supermarket list on the kitchen table. However, taking notes, writing emails and messages is by far not heating our smartphones up. So, how does specOculus revolutionize our smartphones?

The revolution of our smartphone

With innovative technology, specOculus turns your smartphone into a spectral sensor that allows you to recognize, for example:

  • the authenticity of car paint
  • the freshness of your food or
  • the healthiness of your skin.

So, specOculus develops and distributes its highly innovative smartphone applications for spectral surface analysis. We did an interview with them and found the following: As you can imagine, their amazing scan technology can be used to scan every possible object with a fingertip on your smartphone. You won’t need additional hardware, your smartphone and their software will do the work for you.

What does specOculus offer?

Given the large number of possible applications, specOculus decided not only to build innovative apps but to offer their whole spectral analysis framework as a service. This allows everyone to build astonishing apps, based on their technology.

They offer three different versions to use their services. First, a free version with up to 2.500 scans and one license to build your own mobile application. Their development kit is currently under development but will be available soon. The second version is an offer for professionals, with up to 150.000 scans and 5 applications and the last addresses corporate usage without limitations. You can find a detailed overview of their services on their website.

Where can I get the App?

As specOculus is offering a service that suits various needs, there is not one specific app. Their technology can be used to tackle various of your problems. Moreover, with their expertise in mobile app development, they are working on a variety of apps for showcasing their technology. This includes for example apps for cosmetic or food applications. Their apps will be released beginning of 2020 and if you are interested, you should subscribe to their newsletter.

Interested in more?

Reach out to specOculus and contact them via their website. Furthermore, stay tuned and explore more startups with us in our blog posts. Are you a hiddenChempion? Let us know and write us an email to: info@hiddenChempions.com