About us

What is hiddenChempions?

hiddenChempions is the online platform for companies in and connected to the chemical industry with the mission to find the champions in their market, regardless of what the company produces, offers or creates value with. For example:

  • You are a supplier and offer the best in class delivery? – Great!
  • You are a manufacturer and developed a new chemical product? – Excellent!
  • You are a start-up and would like to promote yourself? – Happy to have you here!

Why hiddenChempions?

We focus on making the chemical industry more transparent by giving each company the opportunity to present itself and its capabilities, products, and services on our platform. For companies in the Business-to-Business sector, we believe that only a small number of consumers are aware of these companies because those people are at the very end of the value chain, where companies in the Business-to-Consumer sector are competing against each other.

For some products, you wouldn’t imagine how many different companies are required during the manufacturing process. You can test it and ask yourself the following questions for the next product you by:

  • Who is the manufacturer of my product?
  • What kind of resources are required to create it?
  • Who else is involved in the manufacturing process?

To answer these questions might be more difficult for some products than for others. Therefore, we founded hiddenChempions to give all the companies in and connected to the chemical industry a place to present themselves. We want to create transparency, awareness and raise interest on the consumer side. Moreover, we think that without the products and services from the chemical industry, the world would be different for definite!

Who would be hidden?

It is not our intention to set KPIs on this question, although these questions has been already answered in the literature. From our understanding, a hidden champion would be a top company, which is manufacturing an excellent product or offering outstanding service but might not be known by everyone in the community or relevant market. This is where we want to approach and provide an open platform for all the companies which are in and connected to the chemical industry.

What are our topics?

We want to write about the latest topics in the chemical industry. Moreover, digitalization, Industry 4.0 and Internet-of-Things are aspects we want to cover in our blog posts as well. We are searching for companies that want to drive with us the digitalization in the chemical industry forward! You can find a list of chemical companies we worked within our blog posts.

Are you a hiddenChempion?

If you could support us on our mission, we would be pleased if you could send us an e-mail to info@hiddenChempions.com