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More and more people are living on earth, which means that worldwide nutrition comes more and more into focus to serve everybody’s needs! Discover how companies in the chemical industry are helping to fight global hunger and make products even better in terms of for example quality, taste and shelf life according to your needs. Seamlessly, by exploring the quality and functionality of modern food products, we think more about our nutrition. This is in line with the trend in our society. We see that consumers, like ourselves, become more interested in their food.

However, the nutrition industry is a global connection between companies. How to keep the overview? Let’s start with a definition: The nutrition industry can be further subdivided into different second-level industries. These industries are for example:

  • Dietary Supplements
  • Organic Foods
  • Functional Foods
  • Organic Personal Care

Dietary Supplements

A dietary supplement is a manufactured product, that supplements the personal diet program. Products from this industry are for example Vitamins, Minerals or Herb. These ingredients are often found in, for example, Sports Nutrition Supplements. A very common form of dietary supplements is vitamin or mineral preparations, which are offered as tablets or powders. For sports supplement, a very common product is protein drinks.

Organic Foods

Organic Foods are manufactured from natural or biologic sources. These products are free from pesticides or preservatives, Moreover, they don’t contain any additives or and refined ingredients. Organic foods are often certified as organic, whereas different labels and certificates exist, which are different in their strict compliance for organic food. However, organic food products are not only free of chemicals, such as pesticides, they also don’t use any antibiotics or hormones in for example animal husbandry. Therefore, these products impact human health in a very positive way and contribute to sustainable farm management as well as humane treatment of animals.

Functional Foods

Functional food contains added or concentrated ingredients. Those ingredients improve for example health or performance in a positive way. However, not in every case, those products can prove their improvement function in scientific analyses. Functional foods must be distinguished from the above-mentioned food supplements.

Organic Personal Care

Organic personal care products are health and beauty products derived from natural & organic sources. These products are very often free from any kind of chemical ingredients such as additives, preservatives or refined ingredients. Thereby, personal care products include everyday products, such as shampoos or soaps. In contrast to conventional shampoos, natural shampoos are manufactured without silicones, petroleum, parabens or sulfates. Also, natural cosmetics shampoos contain no synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives. Moreover, lotions and cosmetics are manufactured more and more from organic sources as well.

Find out more about how companies from the chemical industry are dealing with these challenges today and how they contribute to enhancing the quality of the nutrition for us and our animals in our blog.