digitization creates new opportunities

Digitization creates new opportunities

The topic of digitization is coming more and more into focus for the more traditional industries like the chemical industry. As the chemical industry is working in a business to business relationship, the digitization creates new opportunities for all their customers in the markets. For example, automation, standardization, and harmonization of processes could result in …

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Science and Society

Why is the Chemical Industry Important for the Society?

Do you think the chemical industry is harming our environment? Are you wondering what is the significance of the chemical industry? Or do you don’t know, why is the Chemical industry important for society? Let’s face it, the chemical industry is not the only one responsible for global warming. Instead, the chemical industry manufactures plenty …

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Sustainability – A driver for innovation?

The demand for sustainability and environmental-friendly conditions have gathered more attraction over the last years. Especially the “Fridays for future” campaign has attracted the public attention over the last weeks. With their strike, they demand more awareness for the environment in every political decision. In general, it is not only the politic who should or …

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