Packed bottled water kept in warehouse

Water Treatment

Water is one of the most valuable resources on earth and the source of life. Without water the world and life – if it exists at all – would look different then we know it. Today fresh and clean water is important in our everyday life. Starting in the morning by using the bathroom, going on for breakfast with a cup of coffee or tea, following lunch, dinner or snacks during the day and end up at the bathroom to clean our teeth again before we go to sleep. These are only some examples, where we are in contact with water or the products made with water. Although these may appear to be simple examples, they already show that Water is relevant for our life and comfort. Moreover, our complete environment is relying on this molecule consisting of two hydrogens and one oxygen atom with amazing chemical and physical properties.

But what do we do to recycle our used water? Where are the sources for freshwater and how does the water treatment circle look like? Follow us on the exploration of chemicals in the water treatment industry. See the latest post on our blog.