Are distribution companies the winner in the crisis?

The current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) creates difficulties and uncertainties for many companies. For example, they have to cope with a reduced workforce because of restrictions by the government and the applied safety measurements. Therefore, not all colleagues can seamlessly come to work. On the other side, some companies can’t sell their products, because there is a reduced demand in the market. Although they have the capacities, they can’t make use of it as usual. But why are chemical distribution companies the winner in this global crisis?

Chemical distributors offer a variety of services

Value-added services are for sure important for every purchase decision. Especially, chemical distribution companies can take advantage of a variety of services they offer to their customers. In this article about “what does a chemical distributor do?“, we have already reported about some examples a chemical distribution company can provide. For example,

  • Mixing and blending of solutions
  • Research and development for new applications
  • Providing alternative products from the product portfolio
  • Advanced logistic services

As you can see, a chemical distribution company has multiple opportunities to take advantage of the current situation with the coronavirus crisis. Especially, the product portfolio is of major advantage for the company. A flexible or also big product portfolio helps to balance losses and wins in the current crisis. There are industries or product groups, which suffer due to a reduced or even no demand in the market. However, other products and industries are performing better than before the crisis, because the demand is very high and available products are short in the market. Therefore, good management of the product portfolio can make a difference in the overall performance results of those companies.

Where to buy chemicals online

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