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Companies in the chemical industry

In the following list, we have collected interesting companies, which belong to the chemical industry and separated them by country. Across the globe, North America, Asia Pacific as well as Europe are the most relevant regions with companies in the chemical industry. The strongest countries in this industry sector are for example the United States of America, China, Germany, South Korea, and Japan.

What is the chemical industry?

The chemical industry is a branch that deals with the manufacturing of chemical products, which are necessary substances and raw products for many other markets in the worldwide economy. Therefore, the chemical industry is at the very beginning of the supply and value chain for many daily products. Seamlessly, the chemical industry is a very broad industry and includes the production of oil and gas at the beginning of the value chain as well as the production of specialties and fine chemicals which are used as additives or, by taking the pharmaceutical industry into account, the production of medicine as well.

Although the industry is so diverse, there are defined factors that affect the industry as all the others. The companies are exposed to volatile commodity prices, stringent regulations to ensure sustainability and environmental security, rapid innovation to keep track of the changing environment, and managing all operational and manufacturing processes. Nevertheless, companies in the chemical industry have successfully tackled all these challenges for a long period already and create massive revenues for themselves. The chemical industry is in many countries one of the largest sectors of the local economy.

Companies in Germany

The chemical industry is very strong in Germany. Many companies are active on a global level. Most of the companies are located along the Rhein river. For example in cities like Cologne, Leverkusen, D├╝sseldorf or Oberhausen. Other locations are Ludwigshaven or Hamburg. But also in other regions across the country are many areas where companies from the chemical industry are located. Below we have listed for you some of them alphabetically.

Companies in the US

Companies in China

Companies in Saudi Arabia

Companies in the UK

Companies in the Netherlands