ChemSquare – Value creation with audits

What is ChemSquare?

ChemSquare is an online platform, which connects pharmaceutical companies, suppliers, and auditors with the aim of increasing transparency and security in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

“Eliminate quality risks in the supply chain through continuous supplier qualification.”


What kind of added value does ChemSquare create for its customers?

ChemSquare is an online platform that enables companies to buy and share audits or to make them available for a fee. The company focuses especially on the pharmaceutical industry. ChemSquare’s approach is particularly interesting and offers added value in all kinds of industries that have to meet special requirements. For example, such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Distribution Practice (GDP) or similar, but also in all other areas that place a high value on transparency along the supply chain and sustainability. The approach here is that instead of auditing each supplier separately or independently, the existing audits of other companies can be used. This has the advantage for the customers that it saves time and money. The audits are differentiated according to the aspects:

  • Quality audits
  • Social audits
  • Sustainability Audits

How was ChemSquare created and what does the name mean?

The first version of ChemSquare was the idea of a marketplace for chemicals. Hence the meaning of “square” for the place where people meet to bring supply and demand together. Unfortunately, this version of ChemSquare 1.0 was not successful with the business of trading chemicals, but the founders David Schneider and Florian Hildebrand listened to their customers and learned. This was followed by a focus on audits in the pharmaceutical industry and the story of ChemSquare 2.0 picked up speed, as Florian Hildebrand called the change of direction for ChemSquare.

What is the connection between ChemSquare and the chemical industry?

The connection to the chemical industry is currently rather limited to the pharmaceutical industry. “We wanted to start with a small area and then expand our range step by step,” said Florian Hildebrand. Nevertheless, the platform offers added value for the chemical industry and companies can easily obtain more transparency along their supply chain.

What are the plans and goals for the near future?

ChemSquare is planning to extend the opening of its services to other industries. To do this, they will expand their offering accordingly and invest in artificial intelligence to, as Florian Hildebrand says: ” […] radically revolutionize supplier qualification in the industry!”

Is ChemSqure a hidden champion for the chemical industry?

“Yes, we are definitely still a start-up and have yet to earn the trust of the industry,” said Florian Hildebrand. ChemSquare may still see itself as a start-up, but its approaches and goals are so far-reaching that it can generate added value not only for the chemical industry but in many other industries as well. This makes ChemSquare an extremely exciting start-up company.

Interested in more?

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