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Chemicals are present everywhere, even in our homes and offices. Most of these chemicals are ingredients in consumer goods, which are designed particularly to assist our work at home. For example, chemicals can be found in the kitchen, bathroom, car, or garage and many more places. Most often, cleaning and maintaining are the common applications next to cooking and personal hygiene. Commonly used chemicals are:

Chemicals are hazardous substances

When you work with chemicals, you should always know what you are doing. Household chemicals can contain toxic, corrosive, highly flammable, or other hazardous substances, which affect human health or the environment. In principle, you should handle chemicals carefully and sparingly in your home and workplaces to minimize health risks and environmental impact. Especially, storing chemicals safely out of the range of children is very important. Children can’t assess the risk of chemicals and may misuse them, which could cause serious problems for the children’s health.

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