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Why is the Chemical Industry Important for the Society?

Do you think the chemical industry is harming our environment? Are you wondering what is the significance of the chemical industry? Or do you don’t know, why is the Chemical industry important for society?

Let’s face it. The chemical industry is notshe only industry, which is responsible for global warming. Instead, the chemical industry manufactures plenty of products that make our daily life easier. Since the competition is increasing rapidly, innovation for finding new products and services is imperative for the chemical industry to satisfy the demanding and environmentally conscious consumers. Thanks to the chemical industry, raw materials can be converted into nearly any product that we need in our daily lives.

Thereby, the chemical industry has already touched all areas of our lives. This includes food, décor, agriculture, hygiene, mobility, etc. In this article, we have listed the importance of the chemical industry. Let’s have a look!

Creates Plastics and Polymers

Not many people know that more than 80% of the chemical industry focuses on the manufacturing of plastics and polymers. These products are not only useful for packaging but are used in many other products as well. For example, clothing, electronics, home décor, furniture, and wiring. In addition, storage containers, PVC piping, and water tanks are produced using plastics. These are only some of the things that we use in our daily lives and we could extend the list easily. Without the chemical industry, we will not be able to have any of these products.

Helps in Advanced Researches

There are numerous advanced research projects that are being worked on. For example, artificial human organ production, mutation, bio-engineering, and genetic re-engineering. This is only possible because of products from chemical and biochemical industries. So, to continuously improve our comfort, knowledge, medicine, and well-being, research, and development in the chemical industry is an important field to secure and develop our social standards. This directly answers our question from above, “Why is the Chemical Industry Important for the Society?”.

Pesticides and Fertilizers

The most crucial products manufactured by the chemical industry are fertilizers and pesticides. These are helpful in development and agriculture. The chemical industry has a key role to play for greener development in the world. Thanks to the pesticides and fertilizers, the yield of the crop is improved and protected from pest attacks.

Personal Products and Toiletries

The chemical industry helps in producing toiletries and personal items like perfumes, scents, deodorants, cosmetics, and soaps. These products are items of basic necessity that we will never compromise on. Detergents, mosquito repellents, and other cleaning agents are also produced using products from the chemical industry.


Chemical industries have a key role to play in the food industry. This is because chemicals are widely used in the food as preservatives, flavors, and taste enhancers. These help in increasing the shelf life of the food and helps make them edible.

Moreover, preservatives are not only useful in maintaining the quality of the food but helps in making it easy to export food across the globe. This enables us to enjoy canned food, fruits that are grown in certain areas, and ready to eat food.

A Final Word

Returning to our question from the beginning “Why is the Chemical Industry Important for the Society?”, we can answer this question now.

Without a doubt is the chemical industry extremely important for the economy in all countries. This industry contributes to almost every sector of the economy. It is not only used in producing pesticides and fertilizers but other products that we use in our day-to-day life. It is used in the textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, health care industry, and even the automobile industry. Moreover, you would be impressed if you have a closer look at all the products you use, how they are connected to the chemical industry.