Chemical cleaners & fresheners

Air fresheners

Air fresheners are consumer products, which are used to create a comfortable atmosphere. Air fresheners are commonly used in households, for example in living rooms, hallway or bathrooms. But also in cars, supermarkets or hotels, air fresheners can be found. For example, the automotive industry uses air fresheners to tempt customers to make a purchase or at least to create a good feeling in the car showroom. For example, newly produced cars have a specific smell, which should create a positive feeling for the customer.

How does air fresheners work?

Air fresheners are used to remove stubborn and stuck odors from the air. To achieve this result, different solutions exist to remove the unpleasant smells:

  • Adsorption
  • Masking
  • Oxidation

Adsorbing air fresheners are removing odors, like the name says, by adsorbing the unpleasant smells from the air. Chemicals in this context are for example active or activated coal, zeolite or silica gel. The latter is often found with electronic devices, as it is as well used to protect from humidity.

Masking air fresheners are creating a fresh feeling environment by overwhelming an unpleasant smell with another odor. Modern air fresheners not only cover unpleasant smells but instead remove trapped odors and leave a light fresh fragrance behind.

Air fresheners in cars

Many people stay a decent portion of their day in the car. If you do as well, you would surely admit that you like the air in your car’s cabin to smell fresh and clean. There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic jams for hours, in an exceedingly stale-smelling car. Air fresheners are created in a huge range of various designs and functions, however, all with the same goal: to create a pleasant smelling atmosphere.

Some people want air fresheners to totally mask odors, whereas others use fragrances to create a comfortable atmosphere and feel at home while driving. If you simply wish to feature a nice aroma an affordable air freshener will do the job. However, if you’ve got nasty odors in your car that you just got to get obviate fully, you will probably have to look for a more advanced version.

Air fresheners can be put in various places in your car’s cabin. Some can be placed in your drink holder, others may go behind your headrest. Again others can be clipped onto your air conditioning system in your car’s cabin. While some air fresheners are very long-lasting and can create a robust fragrance for months, others are just very simple and lose their power in a short time frame.