Welcome at HiddenChempions

Hello and welcome to our blog about the chemical industry. We’ve been working in the last weeks to create this blog and are now very excited to start with this first blog entry.
On our platform we are writing about topics that are related to the chemical industry. For example, digitization, Internet of things, robotics but also sustainability and environmental friendly chemicals are an important topic these days. The younger generation is an outstanding example, because they make up their mind and demonstrate to force the politics to speed up to fight global warming. But what does the chemical industry relates to that?

The chemical industry and the value chain

The chemical industry is working along the complete value chain. Starting by the exploration and extraction of raw oil many meters below the earth crust to produce gasoline and standard chemicals for further products along the value chain. Please, don‘t get us wrong the chemical industry is not the driver of climate change. Moreover, the companies in the chemical industry are doing research on environmental friendly alternatives. For example, to reuse the carbon dioxide from air to produce basic chemicals again. By closing this gap, the chemical industry can add to a more climate friendly production of materials we use every day.

Another point topic is the plastic waste. Some supermarkets already banned plastic bags for fruits and vegetables from their stores. Also here, the research is looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. For example, recyclable plastic bags or those which can be decomposed by nature. As you can see we just slightly touched the topics of the chemical industry and there is even more to explore.


In our markets section, we provide an introduction about what we experienced and think is important to know. Here you can have a look how broad the chemical industry is part of our daily live.

What’s next?

As this blog evolves, we will continue to create more blog posts about the latest topics in the chemical industry. We will update the market information and enhance our platform with new features and functionalities. If you have any comments, questions or would like to read about a special topic, we would be delighted if you would leave us a message. Stay tuned for the next blog entry!